Post-Renovation Cleaning In Malaysia: Home Makeover Before Staying Or Handing Over

For most new house owners, nothing feels better than being handed the house key, firm up interior design of their new home with the interior designers and watching the contractors getting to work, seeing as your dream home coming to reality piece by piece.

This surreal experience however, often turns into a nightmare as the finishing touches towards the construction is done. While this doesn’t apply to all, post renovation results in Malaysia have been nothing but a mixed bag of hits and miss as it is not uncommon that new landlords are met with a horrific sight of the mess that the contractors have left the home in.

Don’t get us wrong, most of our customers were generally satisfied with the construction but most were done without much care in regards to the cleanliness.

While most contractors are beginning to improve their services, many still suffer from their home being anything but a habitable home as the contractors have left behind a mess in their wake, ranging from layers of dust, paint saints, cement wastes, debris and many more. It shouldn’t be this way and we are here to solve this issue.

We know. We know. Some people may think, how bad can it be? We can just take matters into our hands. This is usually not a really good idea for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you may require specialized tools to clean certain areas, of which upon purchase, you may never use them again. This can range from long extendable sticks, industrial level vacuums, extremely tall ladders, specific types of detergents and acid and many more.

It is not entirely economical and may break the bank for you and there are some that may not even be available for purchase such as scaffolding.

Secondly, there are some type of stains that will require different types of chemicals and acid to tend to, and the strength of such chemicals to be used also varies based on the floor type that your house is fit with.

For example, a paint stain on a wooden floor needs to be treated differently than a paint stain on a marble floor. One mistake and your precious floor may be damaged, leaving an awkward mark, causing thousands in repairs to undo.

We at Kilat Kilat have dealt with numerous cases of different stains on different types of floors and are trained to know which to use under circumstances so you can be worry free.

Next, manpower and training. It becomes more and more unrealistic for you to handle the cleaning all by yourself or with a partner or two the bigger your house is.

While it sounds entirely plausible for you to clean a studio apartment, the idea makes a lot less sense if we are talking about a landed property, especially anything from the 1500 sq ft and above mark.

Your time is better vested in something of your priority as we not only have the manpower but also the training, to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible. This will save you a lot of time and also potential injuries if any.

It sounds all fine and dandy, doesn’t it? That we can solve all your woes if you are to meet with a disastrous case of post renovation in Malaysia but what does a post renovation cleaning in Malaysia really entails?

While it is a lot more difficult to really give a fixed job scope for post renovation cleaning services in Malaysia due to the customizability and how most houses and problems that landlords have may differ, we can list down generally what to expect and how it is different from routine housekeeping for your convenience.

Post Renovation CleaningRoutine Cleaning
Dusting of high areas
Cleaning exterior tall windows, frames & railings
Removal of concrete and paint stains
Industrial vacuum and tall ladders
Industrial chemicals and detergent
Increased amounts of manpower
Protected by insurance
Wiping of fan and other fixtures
Detailed cleaning of cabinets and its interiors
Vacuuming and Mopping of the floor
Wiping of surfaces
Disinfectant Wipes (additional order)

Do note that services ordered above are what Kilat Kilat Expert Housekeeping offers for post renovation cleaning in Malaysia and doesn’t necessarily reflect what other suppliers are offering. As said before, scopes are subject to change based on the property at hand.

Now you must be wondering, how much does a regular post renovation cleaning service cost? We have taken together a general price list for the service to help you better understand what are the costs involved for such service.

Size of UnitManpowerPrice (RM)
Below 1000 sq feet 2 workers 4 hours450
1001 to 1500 sq feet 2 workers 6 hours650
1501 to 2000 sq feet3 workers 6 hours850
2001 to 2500 sq feet 4 workers 6 hours1000
2501 to 3000 sq feet 4 workers 8 hours1250
3001 to 3500 sq feet6 workers 8 hours1850
3501 sq feet and aboveCustomized

Please note that the price list above is only a general idea of how much things will cost and the price may vary depending on the job scope that is required to complete. Please note that in terms of size of the unit, we take both the landed and elevated floors size into account. To understand your needs better, we offer free viewing of your unit if your unit is 1500 sq ft and above. Below are some of our trained staff in action and how it will generally look like during the day of service.


Nevertheless, we are committed to ensure that landlords, be it new or experienced will rest easy when ordering post renovation cleaning with us. We stay true and committed to ensure all your queries are tended to. As our service is on a first come first serve basis, we highly recommend you to book with us now with our careline at 010-247 4083 to avoid any disappointment.

We look forward to servicing you.