Professional Providers For Office Cleaning In Malaysia – What Is Covered?

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Malaysia, especially central Kuala Lumpur, has been known to be a hub for most foreign investors and entrepreneurs to set up their businesses such as Grab (previously known as MyTaxi) and SpeedHome.

Aside from the usual office vibe, design, leadership and whatnot, one of the most overlooked and important key factors that can increase productivity is office cleanliness.

Offices in Malaysia get dirty really quickly and many office building landlords and business owners renting offices scratch their heads not knowing what to do, especially if they just moved in.

It is crucial to maintain cleanliness to ensure it will not be one of the bottlenecks for the productivity of your staff. This article will serve as a brief intro to office cleaning in Malaysia.

What kind of office cleaning do you need?

First and foremost, the state of your business, especially since Malaysia is still under the RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order) as of the time of writing, will heavily affect the cleaning you needed.

Typically, Kilat-Kilat segregates businesses that need cleaning into 3 categories:

  • Offices with staff reporting for work regularly (almost 5 days a week)
  • Offices that have just finished renovation
  • Offices that are vacant for some time because of MCO

Offices with staff reporting for work regularly

professional office cleaners

Routine weekly cleaning (or twice per week) usually suffice. Each session will be heavily dependent on the size of the office, but it’s safe to say that any office smaller than 2000 sq ft can be thoroughly cleaned by 2 office cleaners over 2 hours. Any office between 2000 to 4000 sq ft will require 2 office cleaners over 3 to 4 hours.

Frequency of cleaning per week will be dependent on the frequency of movement for the staff.

For example, we had a client that deals with delivery of food, which causes a lot of riders to zoom in and out of the office with an office bigger than 2000 sq ft, so we recommended 2 office cleaners and a 3-hour session twice per week to satisfy the client’s cleaning needs.

Offices that have just finished renovation

Second, we have offices that just finished their renovation and are looking into moving in to their office. This is not much different from post renovation cleaning, except we expect a lot more carpet for certain offices.

Industrial vacuum, thinner, scrapper and additional man power are definitely necessary to clear this as renovations typically leave a lot of dust, paint stains, glass glue and others behind.

These would all require heavy, detailed cleaning in order to clear as they may prove hazardous to your staffs and you. The table below shall serve as a general guideline to the pricing for post renovation cleaning.

Size of OfficePrice (MYR)
Below 1000 Sq Ft290
1001 to 1500 Sq Ft427.50
1501 to 2000 Sq Ft540
2001 to 2500 Sq Ft700
2501 to 3000 Sq Ft1020
3001 Sq Ft And AbovePlease call us for a personal quote 
KilatKilat’s pricing guide for post renovation cleaning in Malaysia

Offices that are vacant for some time because of COVID-19

desk cleaning

Last but not least, the offices that have been vacant for an extended period of time, regardless of whether it is due to COVID-19 or not.

Generally, we are looking at a lot more fixtures and furniture present in comparison to post renovation cleaning. Skill sets will be different and equipment that will be brought to supplement the cleaning service will be a lot smaller in comparison to the post renovation cleaning mentioned earlier due to the fixtures and furnitures present.

Cleaning that has been backlogged for a while such as toilets, refrigerator and others will also be the key focus of our team. The table below is an estimate of how much it will cost for the spring cleaning services in Malaysia to be conducted at your office.

Size of OfficePrice (MYR)
Below 1000 Sq Ft260
1001 to 1500 Sq Ft350
1501 to 2000 Sq Ft480
2001 to 2500 Sq Ft540
2501 to 3000 Sq Ft700
3001 Sq Ft And AbovePlease call us for a personal quote 
KilatKilat’s pricing guide for spring cleaning services in Malaysia

FAQs about Office Cleaning In Malaysia

We will provide a general FAQ on KilatKilat’s office cleaning in Malaysia as we tend to receive the same questions from people who enquire us about the office cleaning.

1. How early do I have to book for the cleaning?

Typically, if you are looking for general routine cleaning, our slots go by 1st come 1st serve basis but as a general routine cleaning does not consume as much time as its counterparts, a day before the preferred cleaning date will be safe.

However, as for post renovation and spring cleaning, the bigger the office the earlier you book will be great as we need to allocate a lot more manpower and time to your office.

A safe range will be 3 days to a week before the preferred cleaning date.

That being said, you can still try to call in if it’s a day or two before the preferred date as we have backups from time to time in the events of last minute order.

3. How do I pay and can I get an invoice?

We don’t accept cash so bank transfer, cheque deposit or credit card will be preferred.

And yes, you will get the invoice 24 hours after service completion to your designated e-mail.

3. What if they can’t finish on time? (for post renovation and spring cleaning mostly)

Normally, once we look at the office, we will know if we can complete within the designated time. We will inform you guys that an extension may be needed and we may have to revise the quote. We will only proceed with the extension if needed.

To reduce the chances of this happening, we can arrange for a site inspection with our managers a couple days before the preferred cleaning date to better understand your expectation. 

4. Can you bill us by the end of the month and what is the payment term? (regular routine weekly cleaning)

Yes, normally for corporations we will bill you no later than 28th of every month and the payment term will vary. If your company is relatively new with us, we will have a 14 day(s) payment term and if your company has been with us for quite some time, we will have a 30 day(s) payment term. 

5. Do I need to prepare the cleaning materials and detergents?

It is generally recommended for companies to prepare them for regular routine weekly cleaning as there will be a surcharge for each visit to your place if we are to provide them.

As for spring cleaning and post renovation cleaning, we will be bringing our equipment and consumables so there’s no need for worry of that sort.

6. What are the safety precautions that Kilat Kilat is taking during this RMCO?

All our workers will sanitize their hands and also wear protective masks and gloves before beginning work. Daily temperatures taken daily before work is also done in order to ensure that workers are in healthy working conditions before entering customers’ property. On the side note, we also have disinfecting services that you can check out here.

Choose KilatKilat for your office cleaning needs

Not too sure if we serve your area? Please call us to check with our customer success team. We are also expanding our reach going into 2021 to bring the KilatKilat 5-star cleaning experience to more parts in Malaysia, so please stay tuned for more updates.

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