Routine Housekeeping Services In Malaysia: Why Is It Increasing In Popularity?

routine housekeeping services malaysia

Nightmares about abusive maid, terrors about maid’s violence to toddlers, and reports about runaway maids, there are so many tales about stay home maids that there are books published about it and made it to a genre of its own literally. Malaysians are petrified of stay home maids.

Read this article about routine housekeeping services in Malaysia and why it is gaining popularity in Malaysia households.

Hiring a full-time maid or helper at home can be expensive and intrusive to one’s privacy

Having a full-time maid at home is still a luxury for most of the Malaysians, getting a foreign domestic helper can cost up to RM15,000 – RM20,000 for a start, and not cheap to maintain with the plummet of Malaysian ringgit – starting from RM1,500 per month at least, not including the accommodation, logistic, and meals being provided up to 7 days a week.

Not to mention most 3-room apartments would have problems giving a proper space to the stay home maid. Even if you do, how much privacy and your own comfort that you’re willing to give up for that Milo Ais on demand? Most owners give up the idea of having a stay home domestic helper or maid solely based on these two reasons.

Hence, having a part time cleaning service seems to be a cheaper option, and gives homeowners the freedom of having their own space for themselves and family.

Cleaning the entire house personally or have a duty roster can be hard to arrange in a household

If you have forgone the idea of having a stay home maid, cleaning the entire house personally can be a daunting task for most people. With most of the Malaysian couples working, housekeeping and cleaning is the last task they want to allocate their free time on.

This could easily be the trigger for arguments between couples if not handled appropriately. Even duty rosters are set, and cleaning works are properly assigned to all members of the family, it is hard to keep up as the modern families find manual labour work very energy and time-consuming.

The rise of cleaning services providers

They are growing like mushrooms. It is an easy business to start without simple manpower and logistics and there are literally hundreds of them in every neighbourhood, hit up “cleaning services” around you on google and you will find a myriad of generic cleaning services providers at your fingertips.

The idea of on demand and wide availability at fingertips is why more households are engaging professional cleaning companies in Malaysia such as Kilat Kilat for routine housekeeping services.

Most common households that require routine housekeeping services

  • Households with working adults
  • Households with elderly and children
  • Mansions and bungalows; owners don’t wish to hire full-time helpers
  • Students with many housemates
  • Working adult that live the lifestyle

What does routine housekeeping cover?

When we sign up for routine housekeeping, generally the cleaning services session should cover all the basics such as clearing trashes, vacuum and mop the property, cleaning toilets, wiping of all general surfaces and windows, kitchen cleaning, dishwashing, bedmaking and any ad hoc task that within the time of service.

The service provided to every homeowner can be different depending on the situation of each home and the needs of each homeowner, as the requirements can be very subjective and individual. A good cleaning service provider should be able to adjust to the needs of customers.

How much does routine housekeeping services cost?

As the market has been educated, routine housekeeping services are supposed to be cheaper than normal, one-time housekeeping or cleaning services. For example, a normal one-time session that could cost RM100 per session while a routine cleaning service can hover around RM80-RM90 per session based on the providers.

KilatKilat provides a flexible monthly package with no expiry, and gives you other benefits such as priority timing, preferred worker, free cancellation, and of course, a better rate if you sign up for the monthly package.

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