House Cleaning Services In Malaysia: Why Engage A Professional Cleaning Company?

professional house cleaning services in malaysia

You’re off for a long day, it was 7pm when you parked your car into the same parking lot for the 4th time of the week, weekend is not even here and you can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s task list and collapsing at the brink of exhaustion.

As you step into your house and turn on the light, it was a real mess. Piles of unfolded clothes lying on the sofa, so long that they have blend into the couch, a lizard just escaped from the pizza box from Monday, and the only things that greet you in a warm manner, is the smell of your trashcan accumulated from Wednesday.

As more and more married couples are both working adults, finding the energy to clean our homes after work or on weekends can be very tough, tougher than finding balance in their dual career relationship.

With the prevalence of gender equality, it is almost never “the wife’s job” anymore to do the laundry. Neither is there the “man of the house” to wipe the floor. That’s where professional house cleaning services can help households who want to leave the hassle of cleaning and housekeeping to part-time cleaners, instead of the never ending debate of the century, who should do the dishes. But to be clear, the man should always take out the trashes.

There are a few benefits of engaging a professional cleaning company for house cleaning services such as…

Save time and effort

Cleaning is a universal daunting task feared by most, but even if you’re brave, why spend time on polishing the floor? Most couples prefer to spend free time on loved ones and rest after a long working week, not only that, save money and space on cleaning equipment that only cleaning companies will have such as vacuums, different types of cleaning detergents, and other tools.

Do it the right way

Cleaning is like singing, you may think you know how to do it, but you may not be good at it, cleaning companies like Kilat Kilat takes pride in training their housekeepers to provide tip top cleaning services to satisfy customer’s high level of benchmark. Floor mopping is an art, not a task, we rest our case.

So with this said, What does house cleaning services include?

Routine housekeeping

Twice a week, monthly, weekly house cleaning services that cover all general scope of housework such as clearing trashes, mopping the floor, cleaning the windows and surfaces, even ironing and other ad hoc housekeeping work and cleaning tasks.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning would take the cleaning to another level by reaching out to the spots that are not usually cleaned, such as fans, above air-conditioning unit, below the shoe cabinet, reorganising the items in cupboards and other tasks that are popular among Malaysian during festive season and yearly spring cleaning.

Move-in move-out cleaning

Popular among house owners that have their tenants move in or out an entirely new unit or old unit that requires a deeper cleaning for the comfort of the next tenant. Clearing of light trashes, remove stains and dirt, cleans under furniture. Move-in move-out cleaning services are best for post-terrible tenants.

Post renovation cleaning

New and proud homeowners just received their keys and have done renovation to their unit. Paint stain and concrete marks are the most common headaches that cleaning companies can solve with a professional touch. The “don’t try this at home” applies to post renovation cleaning services as it is provided by professional cleaning companies only. Choose wisely.

Looking for a professional cleaning company?

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company in Malaysia for house cleaning services, consider engaging Kilat Kilat. Prices start from RM60 for one worker, two-hour sessions. WhatsApp us now at +60 10-247 4083 to learn more.