Finding The Right Professional Cleaning Services Provider In Malaysia For Your Needs

professional cleaning services provider in malaysia

It’s tough, you’re at the brink of giving up, you’ve tried so many of them and nothing seems to work out. Dodgy cleaning service suppliers that didn’t have an office, maids that look like they would steal the 5 ringgit bill you dropped below the sofa 2 years ago, and customer service that can’t speak your language.

There are countless cleaning services providers in Malaysia, from illegal workers and fly-by-night cleaners to boutique cleaning agencies and professional cleaning services providers such as Kilat Pro services Sdn Bhd. How do we compare and identify them?

First, it is easy to start up a cleaning company, find an illegal migrant who is desperate for money, engage him, send him to any homes that need cleaning services, and Voila!

The significance of “professional” in professional cleaning services in Malaysia, one of the main point is whether they are registered with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and local councils in the area they are located at.

There are many cleaning services providers that are not registered and they usually employ illegal workers, this poses a high risk for the customers that engage them.

How about the price, a normal cleaning service could range from RM50 – RM100 for a normal session, when it goes way below market price, something is fishy.

Only providers with no offices to maintain, no worker’s permit and levy to pay for, and have no fixed cost for administration fee can afford to offer very low price to you. It may seem like a good deal at times, but be careful of the risk that comes with it.

Things to look out for when hiring the right professional cleaning services in Malaysia, including the few points below.

Does the cleaners come with work permits or Identity

Illegal migrants were usually exploited in blue collars 3D jobs (Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult) and cleaning services is one of the most common jobs for foreigner when they first set foot in Malaysia.

“Cuci Rumah” is the most commonly used term for a foreigner’s job search, they were usually lowly paid as low as RM6 per hour without any fringe benefit and when there’s no job, there’s no protection at all for this marginalised group.

Ordering your cleaning service from this type of providers means supporting the growth of this segment of shadow economy and does not help when more illegal migrants are being exploited and bullied by irresponsible employers.

Whether they’ve been through proper training before deployment

Cleaning is like singing, everybody know how to use a mop and wipe a table, but not everyone can do it well. A proper cleaning services company will invest time and resources to train its employee and it can cost a lot for any cleaning services provider to commit in developing the skills of their employees.

Most workers deployed to your home by unprofessional companies are usually untrained and unskilled, and evidence will show in the shades of your foot: the darker it is, the more untrained the worker is.

Not only on the job skills, organisation is the most important part on the job where the workers are trained to know where to start, right question to ask, and how to finish a job.

Uniform, or any other badge to signify that they’re from an actual company

When a cleaning service provider shows up at your front door in Guns n’ Roses t-shirts, it will shatter any confidence and trust you’ve had for this company. The problem does not lie with Guns n’ Roses, but it is the professional image that clients expect a professional cleaning service to portray is more than that.

A very obvious telltale sign is whether the cleaning service providers are wearing proper uniforms with logos and company name shown. This is the least a company can do to show its professionalism.

Positive testimonials

Look out for what other people say about this company. With google on your fingertips, simply lookout for this companies and you don’t have to be an investigator to unearth nasty comments and negative reviews from the past of this company. Judge wisely and see if it fits your value and expectation.

Strong and loyal client base

Many cleaning services providers brag about how many clients they have served. But have you ever think why a 10-man company has high customer turnovers and unable to keep its existing customers?

A good cleaning services provider should have its own strong supporters that use the service repeatedly instead of having to attain new customers to replace unhappy ones every day.

Engage the right professional cleaning services provider in Malaysia

Kilat Kilat is one of the most professional cleaning services in Malaysia as we specialise in hiring local, legal workers with identity and with legitimate employment passes.

Choose Kilat Kilat as your provider of professional cleaning services in Malaysia from RM60 for a standard 2-bedroom apartment. WhatsApp us now at +60 10-247 4083 to learn more.